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There is a constant desire to reduce waste, save money, and operate cleane​r composite production. Alan Harper Composites North America exists to achieve this. We offer affordable hardware and ​new proven technology which is Innovative - outside the box - of existing production thinking. 

fiRST System

Economic and environmental friendly fiRST® is the most recent closed mould technology providing rapid production of reusable silicon membrane B tool faces which also allow ease of manufacture for undercut designs (negative draft).

FiRST is todays proven alternative to costly one use consumable vacuum bags used in the composite moulding industry today.

Why We're Here

We offer affordable hardware and new proven technology which is innovative - outside the box - of existing production thinking. After 42 years experience within the fibre composite moulding community involved specifically with environmentally safer closed mould production tooling the transition to a self releasing reusable vacuum bags became an obvious choice to develop. Based upon earlier rigid metal and composite moulds the fiRST system was proven to be the most economic solution to many of the earlier system drawbacks.

Vacuum bag moulds can be manufactured in a few hours and put into production the same day. If you are a moulder of composite parts for standard polyester frp components to advanced aerospace primary structures and wish to advance into a lower cost and cleaner production then fiRST is the way forward.

What our customers are saying

Works a treat – really happy with the fiRST system, the bag you made us was put straight into production and surpasses our expectations

A racing seat manufacturer , Plymouth, UK

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